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Be part of the digital revolution with alldayDr. Support your communities by providing a personalised healthcare to improve their well-being.

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Delivering a time and cost-effective service is easy with our app. Enable push notifications and email alerts in order to notify customers when their prescription is ready!

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Provide a streamline service, increasing your footfall and generating additional revenue.

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Your customers will have complete faith in you with our secure, safe prescription system. Our ground-breaking app will allow you to receive confirmation of customers’ orders and never miss a important prescription!

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Increase your annual turnover by incorporating our value added services

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Efficient Customer Service

Offer your customers an efficient, convenient and effortless online service for all their healthcare needs

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Receive live, up to date customer order confirmations

With exceptional benefits, it has never been easier to stand out from your competitors.


Since partnering with alldayDr my revenue has increased, my patients are happier than ever.

Head Pharmacist, Speaks Pharmacy


With alldayDr you can provide a completely unique and revolutionary service to your customers. 61% of patients use technology in order to have health and wellbeing concerns addressed and treated.


Live promotional offers

Keep your customers in the know with live service and promotional offers


Secure Medication delivery

Delivery of medication via our secure electronic portal

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NHS Records

Fulfil private medication with confidence with access to patients medical history

Partner with alldayDr, the revolution has arrived!

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