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Hair loss in men in an extremely common condition. There are two types which affect men: male pattern baldness and alopecia areata. The first is determined by an imbalance of hormones and inflammation and the second is regarded as an autoimmune disorder. Hair fall is caused by a combination of hereditary and hormonal factors. Hair grows in hair follicles. After around 3 years, it sheds and new hair comes out. When a person suffers baldness, the hair follicles become smaller. Hence, the quality of the hair grown is thinner. When this condition becomes severe, no hair growth is seen in the affected area.

Finasteride tablet treats male hair loss. It is also known as propecia and aindeem. Finasteride stops the change in the hair follicles. Hence, normal hair growth can be seen. It takes about 4 months to notice any effect of this medicine. A complete growth might take up to 1-2 years. If the treatment is stopped in between, baldness returns. There are no side effects noted while using this medicine. However, a rare symptom stating the loss of interest in sex can be mentioned. This medicine requires a prescription. Finasteride is not for women or individuals under 18.

Download Finasteride patient information leaflet

  • Always read the patient leaflet for more detailed information
  • 1 tablet daily (or as prescribed by the doctor)
  • Take the tablet with or without food
  • It may take 3-6 months to show development

If you observe any of the following side effects, see a doctor

  • Loss of interest in sex
  • Depression
  • Allergic reactions
  • Inability to get an erection
  • Increased heart rate
  • Pain in the testicles
  • Male infertility

These details are provided only as a guide. Please read patient information leaflet for more details.

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Can hair loss be at all prevented?

NO. There may be ways of slowing down the process or ways to effectively disguise the issue but there is no way you can prevent male pattern baldness or any type of hair loss condition.

Is baldness hereditary?

YES. Both male pattern baldness and alopecia areata are hereditary. They are caused by your inherited genes. The genes can come from one parent or both. If they happen to be passed down from either side the male will have a significantly increased chance of experiencing balding in later life. Other causes of hair loss such as due to stress are unrelated and not hereditary.

Is it uncommon to start losing hair as early as our 30s?

YES. Hair loss can begin at any age; approximately 30% of all males in their 30s in the UK are bald. In the most extreme cases, males can start to lose their hair from the age of around 16 and could end up almost completely bald by their 20s. However, male pattern baldness typically develops very slow, even if you began facing symptoms in your 30s it may take a further 20-30 years to lose your hair completely.

Can wearing a hat cause hair loss?

NO. The belief that constantly wearing a hat will lead to strained hair follicles and eventually hair loss is one of the oldest myths surrounding hair loss. Any type of clean head gear will not cause harm in any way. Unclean or dirty head gear could potentially lead to scalp infection, which would accelerate hair loss, so simply make sure whatever you are wearing is clean.

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