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Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a health condition in men. It is when you are unable to hold a proper erection while having sex. This is also known as impotence. The main cause is the narrowing of the arteries that take blood to the penis. If you can successfully gain an erection the majority of times you are aroused, you should not be worried if you were to experience a one-off spell of ED. Most men will face or will have faced a moment in which they are unable to gain an erection when needed. This can be a temporary condition due to stress, tiredness, or inebriation. However, if you are suffering from other major ED conditions, do not worry. ED is a treatable health condition, most commonly by a medicine taken before sex.

MUSE treats erectile dysfunction (ED) in men. It helps to prevent the action of the chemical phosphodiesterase type-5 already present in the body. This results in widening of the blood vessels and increases the blood flow into the penis. Hence, you can maintain an erection. MUSE stick applicator is injected at the base of the penis. It is also available in cream form. This is applied at the tip of the penis. You can also use small pellet of MUSE inserted into the tip of the penis. 

Download MUSE patient information leaflet

  • Always read the patient leaflet for more detailed information
  • Consult your doctor before taking MUSE
  • Starting dose - 500 micrograms
  • If this does not work, consult your doctor (do not increase the dose for yourself)
  • Do not use more than 2 doses in a day, or more than 7 in a week
  • Your doctor or nurse will guide you on how to use the applicator

How to use MUSE stick applicator?

  • Muse consists of an applicator
  • Wash and dry your hands before use
  • Urinate before application and shake the penis a little to remove excess urine
  • Slide out the MUSE onto your hand
  • Do not grab the applicator
  • Remove the cover from the end of the applicator
  • Pull the applicator out of the cover
  • Do not touch the applicator stem and tip
  • Check if you see the medicine at the end of the stem
  • Then, stretch the penis gently to its full length
  • This will straighten and open the urethra
  • Insert the MUSE stem into the urethra (the tip of the penis)
  • Push the button at the top of the applicator until it stops
  • Make sure that the stick is completely released
  • Hold the applicator in this position for 5 seconds
  • Slowly, move the applicator from side to side to release the medicine
  • Remove the applicator
  • Do not touch the stem
  • Roll the penis between your hands for about 10 seconds
  • Dispose of the MUSE in a proper way (ask your pharmacy)
  • Your erection will last for about 30-60 minutes

  • Burning sensation in the urethra
  • Pain in the penis
  • Headache
  • Dizziness
  • Muscle spasms
  • Low blood pressure
  • Pain in the testes
  • Burning sensation in your partner’s vagina
  • Bruised penis

Uncommon/Rare Side Effects – If you observe any of the following side effects, see a doctor

  • Losing consciousness
  • Swelling of the leg veins
  • Pain in the leg
  • Common cold
  • Increased heart rate
  • Pain in between the penis and the rectum
  • Feeling sick
  • Skin rashes
  • Increased sweating
  • Frequent urination
  • Blood in the urine
  • Numbness in the penis
  • Painful erection
  • Change in ejaculation
  • Swollen head of your penis
  • Urinary tract infection
  • Itchy patches
  • Long-lasting erection of more than 4 hours

These details are provided only as a guide. Please read patient information leaflet for more details.

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Is Erectile Dysfunction (ED) normal?

YES. Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is a very common condition. However, it is not related to age.

Is impotence the same thing as Erectile Dysfunction (ED)?

YES. Erectile Dysfunction and Impotence mean the same.

Is Erectile Dysfunction (ED) a natural part of the aging process?

NO. Erectile Dysfunction has no connection whatsoever with the aging process. Although it is true that older men may require more stimulation than normal to achieve an erection, they should still be able to naturally gain an erection and engage in intercourse.

What are the symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction (ED)?

The main symptom is the inability to cause or maintain an erection that is required for sexual intercourse. In some cases, the penis becomes partly erect but not hard enough to have sex. While in many cases, there is no erection at all. Other symptoms are noted as loss of interest in sex and sex performance anxiety.

Can Erectile Dysfunction (ED) be prevented?

YES. You can give yourself the best possible chance of preventing ED by maintaining a healthy lifestyle such as: getting to or maintaining desired weight; eating a balanced diet, keeping your cholesterol and blood pressure in check, undergoing regular exercise, quitting smoking and drinking. Basically, anything that negatively affects and puts pressure on your heart will also negatively affect your erectile functionality.

Are drugs like Viagra really that effective?

YES. Tablet medications like Viagra and other PDE-5 inhibitors have proved very effective towards tackling ED and are the most popular form treatment. Viagra (50mg or 100mg) has a success rate of around 80%. Other medicines which work in the same way as Viagra are Cialis, Levitra, and Spedra.

What if the tablets do not work?

Consult with your doctor. He will have other suitable options based on your conditions. Do not give up.

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